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Peace Out 2013: End of Year Pontification and Predictions for a well formed 2014

End of year shout outs and blogs are always funny; in the spirit of philosophical snobbery I’ll add to the litany of people who think we need their earth shattering insights for the new year.

So yeah I’m really profound like everyone else who blogs, so I thought I’d chime in on awesomeness from 2013 and make some personal predictions in homage to all the other romantics out there who realise the cuteness of this Great Game.

2013 saw my girl Miley Cyrus come through organically, I liked that. Me I’m a prep school punk rocker, having loved contrarianism (RIP Chris Hitchens) and God driven bar chords since I was very young. It’s how I was made, no one taught me to be punk rock and it certainly was not cool or accepted at the schools I attended or the family culture in which I grew up. That’s why I respect people’s own makeup, most of the bands I like diss God and Gov and people like the author I mentioned were avid disbelievers, but I see the God in that too. So Miley touched my heart a bit by doing whatever she wanted and taking a risk, not having to bend to convention or caring if what she’s doing makes sense to anyone else. Like me going to punk shows in the east village in the 90’s as a teen in saxon wool sweaters and pastel khakis, that’s just how it was and I couldn’t explain it to you. Explanations have absolutely nothing to do with love. So yeah Miley made me proud and I would offer this up for 2014:

Miley Cyrus Does a Song with Matt Skiba. Miley and Matt. Cyrus and Skiba.

Miley, please meet Matt Skiba: he is the handsomest, classiest, coolest song writingest, Ray Ban-wearingest artist in punk rock music right now. He is also the frontman of Alkaline Trio. Check out his solo records like “Angel of Deaf” “All Fall Down” and his cover of The Cure’s “Falling Like Rain”.

This is a 2014 match that’ll have people’s hearts exploding into a billion platinum wrecking balls. Holler at me, we’ll make it happen. Nice job in the city last night, as well.

Besides that – in 2014 I’m stoked for:

A Reality TV Star who’s rebranding through her own personal family experiences and about to become sought after in a whole new market;

A British Defense Editor who has some historical insights in his new book we need to take heed of if we want to quit with the foreign policy blunders, and;

A World Renowned Sports Medicine Doctor who just teamed up with a two-time New York City Marathon Champion to change the way athletes, all over the world, run.

An honorable mention goes to that Diet I never started in 2013, Girl I was so busy you know I’m willing to give this another shot in the 14. C’mon don’t look at me like that, those snicker icecream bars, my mom’s baklava and pizza for breakfast were just flings, they meant nothing to me. Don’t you look at me like that; I’m joining intramural soccer in the Spring, what else do you want from me?

Here’s to Liverpool winning the EPL (or at least making the Champions league), creative innovation that only the US has really achieved the past 100 years, love, class and  all those other dreams for the new year that give us hope. Except if you don’t follow the Gregorian calendar, in that case, well thanks for bearing with the rest of us sell-outs.

Constantine Panagiotatos