Constantine Panagiotatos: Publicity, Content Production and Branding

Growing up in America, it’s almost impossible to avoid sports. Sure, there are plenty of alternatives for young kids to participate in, like school bands, chess clubs, and other clubs. Still, it’s a widespread belief that young kids should play at least one sport throughout their schooling. At the very least, they should try a few sports before deciding they don’t like them.

Constantine Panagiotatos has always been someone who enjoyed sports. He played a lot of sports as a kid, and still finds time to engage in them now, even as a busy professional working in New York City.

Throughout Prep school, Constantine Panagiotatos played a lot of sports, and he played them very well. One of his favorite sports, which he still plays today, is soccer. Before he played high school soccer, Constantine Panagiotatos would play soccer with his friends, go to soccer themed summer camps, and compete in leagues. It didn’t take long for him to make the varsity team at his school, which competed at a high level in the New England prep school league. He rowed crew, and played rugby, and even coached soccer at the Buckley School in his spare time. Sportsmanship and ethics are vital in teamwork and contribute to corporate and professional success as well.

He also got into wrestling during the winter sports season. Not many young kids take up the sport of wrestling. It’s a sport that requires a great deal of discipline, and the practices are not most people’s definition of fun – they are demanding and difficult. Still, Constantine Panagiotatos loved wrestling, and was on the varsity team for his entire career. Constantine Panagiotatos also enjoyed rowing Crew, which required coordination and teamwork – skills that serve him well today in the corporate world.

Constantine Panagiotatos is also happy he spent his youth playing sports. He knows many people who never got into sports, and this ultimately affected their health when they were older. He still supports sports, such as rugby and other club sports, in New York with friends and acquaintances. It’s a great way to stay in shape and get exercise while increasing skills that help business.