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Peace Out 2013: End of Year Pontification and Predictions for a well formed 2014

End of year shout outs and blogs are always funny; in the spirit of philosophical snobbery I’ll add to the litany of people who think we need their earth shattering insights for the new year.

So yeah I’m really profound like everyone else who blogs, so I thought I’d chime in on awesomeness from 2013 and make some personal predictions in homage to all the other romantics out there who realise the cuteness of this Great Game.

2013 saw my girl Miley Cyrus come through organically, I liked that. Me I’m a prep school punk rocker, having loved contrarianism (RIP Chris Hitchens) and God driven bar chords since I was very young. It’s how I was made, no one taught me to be punk rock and it certainly was not cool or accepted at the schools I attended or the family culture in which I grew up. That’s why I respect people’s own makeup, most of the bands I like diss God and Gov and people like the author I mentioned were avid disbelievers, but I see the God in that too. So Miley touched my heart a bit by doing whatever she wanted and taking a risk, not having to bend to convention or caring if what she’s doing makes sense to anyone else. Like me going to punk shows in the east village in the 90’s as a teen in saxon wool sweaters and pastel khakis, that’s just how it was and I couldn’t explain it to you. Explanations have absolutely nothing to do with love. So yeah Miley made me proud and I would offer this up for 2014:

Miley Cyrus Does a Song with Matt Skiba. Miley and Matt. Cyrus and Skiba.

Miley, please meet Matt Skiba: he is the handsomest, classiest, coolest song writingest, Ray Ban-wearingest artist in punk rock music right now. He is also the frontman of Alkaline Trio. Check out his solo records like “Angel of Deaf” “All Fall Down” and his cover of The Cure’s “Falling Like Rain”.

This is a 2014 match that’ll have people’s hearts exploding into a billion platinum wrecking balls. Holler at me, we’ll make it happen. Nice job in the city last night, as well.

Besides that – in 2014 I’m stoked for:

A Reality TV Star who’s rebranding through her own personal family experiences and about to become sought after in a whole new market;

A British Defense Editor who has some historical insights in his new book we need to take heed of if we want to quit with the foreign policy blunders, and;

A World Renowned Sports Medicine Doctor who just teamed up with a two-time New York City Marathon Champion to change the way athletes, all over the world, run.

An honorable mention goes to that Diet I never started in 2013, Girl I was so busy you know I’m willing to give this another shot in the 14. C’mon don’t look at me like that, those snicker icecream bars, my mom’s baklava and pizza for breakfast were just flings, they meant nothing to me. Don’t you look at me like that; I’m joining intramural soccer in the Spring, what else do you want from me?

Here’s to Liverpool winning the EPL (or at least making the Champions league), creative innovation that only the US has really achieved the past 100 years, love, class and  all those other dreams for the new year that give us hope. Except if you don’t follow the Gregorian calendar, in that case, well thanks for bearing with the rest of us sell-outs.

Constantine Panagiotatos

Constantine Panagiotatos on fusing ad and pr campaigns

Probably pre-early 2000’s the idea of fusing Brazilian with Asian food seemed like someone’s hangover nightmare, with sporadic non-jiving tastes attacking their palate and inducing the kind of regret once limited to mixing wine with whiskey on a colorful Thursday night. But the idea of fusion these days is not only chic in mega trend setting towns, its actually kind of expected.

I think the same trend is happening in the ever evolving media menu, with emerging platforms providing voice-to-ear restaurants where brands can see their coveted demographic dine on their narrative. I believe its a creative trait to be able to pitch the media, write copy for a brand, and strategize a campaign without having to delegate responsibilities to multiple departments. So why limit roles to strictly PR or advertsing? That philosophy is as outdated as cargo pants and Fedoras (sorry, not sorry Williamsburg).

I’m not saying to start offering red snapper ice cream cones on the menu (yikes). If your show needs to climb out of the ratings dumps, however, a great second season premier-pegged feature in the right outlet crafted and placed by the same guy or gal who wrote the copy for the show’s subway ads is not such an over extension of resources; it’s actually the gold hidden in the barrel you’ve been sitting on the whole time. Just look under the hood instead of all around you. Clients will love having a shop with all their needs met on one menu, call it agency fusion, where talent delivers at all hours for the most demanding branded taste buds and client palates. – Constantine Panagiotatos

Philosophy is Important: Constantine Panagiotatos

Philosophy is one of the areas of study in the liberal arts field that doesn’t get much attention anymore. People are more focused on earning technical degrees in engineering or the medical field. Constantine Panagiotatos understands this perfectly – after all, colleges and universities are growing increasingly more expensive, and people need to enter fields which will help them pay off their debt. There aren’t a lot of high-paying jobs for philosophy majors.

Constantine Panagiotatos, however, doesn’t think it has to be a problem. During his studies at the University of Pittsburgh, he spent a lot of time studying philosophy. It wasn’t his primary focus, but Constantine Panagiotatos found that the study of philosophy helped him in his personal life and in his professional life. Studying philosophy builds skills that are important.

When he read different philosophers, Constantine Panagiotatos learned about a variety of perspectives on life, and other topics that helped him in his personal life and in his profession. For Constantine Panagiotatos, his study of philosophy helps him when he needs to approach public relations issues from different angles. Constantine Panagiotatos spent years reading about people taking varied approaches to ethics, morality, and other topics, and this helps him to take creative, out-of-the-box approaches to his professional problems.

Constantine Panagiotatos thinks that there should be at least some mandatory philosophy teaching for kids in high school or in college. This can help open their minds up to perspectives they would otherwise never experience. Constantine Panagiotatos believes that the more people learn, the better prepared they are to work in a world that is becoming more interconnected globally. According to Constantine Panagiotatos, studying philosophy can help people learn to consider the perspectives of other people, instead of dismissing them because they seem different than their own perspectives.

Client Relationships Vital to Constantine Panagiotatos

The ability to get along with people you aren’t familiar with is incredibly important in the business world. This is even more true in the world of media and public relations. People who work in this field, like Constantine Panagiotatos, have to spend a lot of time meeting with people from various industries, and have to make a good impression at all times.

Constantine Panagiotatos knows this very well. He prides himself on his ability to bring a high level of customer service to his clients, no matter what issues or goals they may have. Ultimately, this means a lot more work for Constantine Panagiotatos, but as long as it ensures that his clients will have success in their media relations endeavors, it doesn’t bother him at all. Constantine Panagiotatos is a professional, and will do whatever it takes to ensure his clients are happy, both with his service and with his results.

One of the reasons that Constantine Panagiotatos knows his customer service is vital to his success is the fact that a majority of his customers are repeat customers. That means they’ve developed an affection not only for Constantine Panagiotatos’s professional services, but also for him as a professional and a person. Building more than just business links is good for both the client and for Constantine Panagiotatos.

It doesn’t matter what his clients need. Constantine Panagiotatos provides services in business communications, press releases, media and public relations strategy, copy, and much more. Constantine Panagiotatos is straightforward with his clients, letting them know upfront how he does business, and how his work will help them grow their own businesses.

There’s nothing better for Constantine Panagiotatos than to know that he has personally and professionally helped and impressed a client. It’s a good feeling that helps him feel that he’s on the right path with his career.

Writing Comes Naturally to Constantine Panagiotatos

One of the abilities that has always come naturally to Constantine Panagiotatos is his ability to write. He can remember being very young and wanting to write stories, letters, and anything else  he could think of. As he got older and went through school, he excelled in his writing ability. English was always a class he looked forward to as he went through school.

When he went off to college, Constantine Panagiotatos studied a great deal of philosophy. This meant a spending a lot of time writing about philosophy as well. He enjoyed the challenge of his assignments and found that writing about philosophy improved his writing in ways that his older classes never did. Studying a variety of different philosophers exposed him to many writing styles he had previously been unfamiliar with.

Constantine Panagiotatos kept up his interest in writing and he’s very happy he did. Now that he’s working in media relations, often as a publicist, he relies on his creativity and his ability to write more than ever. Constantine Panagiotatos can whip up an effective and professional press release in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, his writing ability allows him to explain exactly what his clients need in a clear way. This helps Constantine Panagiotatos build trust and friendship with his clients, especially when he works with them virtually or through the internet. In terms of writing professionally, Constantine Panagiotatos has been able to use his skills; in 2011 he created original advertising copy for the website of esteemed digital advertising agency Psyop, Inc. under heavy deadline, and delivered a revamped voice as well. He builds brands and clients through unique content creation and media relations strategy, and creates copy for by-lines, ads, press releases, pitches, quotes and public appearances.

Writing has helped Constantine Panagiotatos build his career immensely. When he first started in media, he often had to write a variety of advertisements and public relations materials as part of larger campaigns. His success with those early writings helped to propel him into more independent work, and now Constantine Panagiotatos has his own client base. These clients know they’re paying for someone who can get the job done and can turn any copy into an effective piece of media relations.

Creativity an Important Trait for Constantine Panagiotatos

In every field a person could possibly work in, Constantine Panagiotatos has found that certain traits are more important than others. A doctor doesn’t need to be incredibly strong to do his work, but he does need to have a certain level of charisma and intelligence to help his clients. Construction workers need to pay attention to detail and often need a certain level of strength to get their work done every day. One of the most important traits Constantine Panagiotatos relies on, in order to work effectively, is creativity.

Some people are blessed with creativity from an early age. Their minds go a mile a minute and they can think of stories, objects, inventions, and other things very easily. Constantine Panagiotatos wouldn’t call himself a creative genius, but he can be very creative when it comes to public and media relations.

Constantine Panagiotatos grew up in Westchester County, in New York, and is still an active member at his family church in Rye. He attended Prep school in New England and college in Pennsylvania, though now he lives and works in New York City, as one of the most creative and conceptual brand builders in public relations. Constantine Panagiotatos loves to participate at events at the Onassis Cultural Center and frequents many downtown cafes as well as art galleries. Constantine Panagiotatos loves live music and frequently attends shows. All these things only build on his inherent creativity and ability.

When working for clients, creativity is incredibly important to helping them reach their media relations goals. If a client wants to build their brand or needs to push a new product so that it gets more exposure, a creative campaign can do wonders for them. That’s where Constantine Panagiotatos comes in. With the spread of the internet and social media networks, creative ads or campaigns have become even more powerful tools for publicists and public relations professionals like Constantine Panagiotatos. He relies on clever thinking to create campaigns that will attract public attention. Once that happens, the internet takes over. It can spread a message farther than any print advertisement can.

That’s not to say that what Constantine Panagiotatos does is easy. Not everyone has the creativity to think of things that a majority of people will find interesting. Otherwise, his field would be a rather crowded one. Constantine Panagiotatos works hard every day to get the best results for his clients.

Constantine Panagiotatos: Public Relations Professional

Constantine Panagiotatos is a public relations professional who has worked with a plethora of clients, in order to generate publicity either for them or for their work. The job is demanding and requires an individual who is good with details and is able to speak persuasively. Both are prominent qualities in Constantine Panagiotatos, along with numerous others that put him on a higher level than other public relations professionals.

For example, when he worked as the official publicist for the ship the Trireme Olympias, Constantine Panagiotatos was able to build the ship’s “likes” on social media from a lowly 58 to over 1000 in just 3 months. This level of success is something he strives for in each of his clients and produces regularly. With Trireme Olympias, he was even able to contribute to investor relations regarding the shipping industry.

In regards to his other work, Constantine Panagiotatos has proven his ability to think creatively in order to produce unique content made specifically for each client. He has worked with entertainment and cable media accounts in the agency setting while securing media coverage on an international level. Other content Constantine Panagiotatos has produced includes press releases, quotes, ads, as well as pitches. He has been able to place clients on major networks such as Fox, as well as on popular television programs like The Late Show with David Letterman.

Constantine Panagiotatos does an extremely good job writing thorough and direct copy for the press releases meant to launch his clients, as can be seen by his work for advertising firm Psyop, Inc. He also states that many of his skills were developed through his time interning for city councilman Luke Ravenstahl, who later became Mayor of Pittsburgh. He believes it is important to develope good relationships with employers, and to learn as much as you can.