Constantine Panagiotatos: Publicity, Content Production and Branding

Philosophy is one of the areas of study in the liberal arts field that doesn’t get much attention anymore. People are more focused on earning technical degrees in engineering or the medical field. Constantine Panagiotatos understands this perfectly – after all, colleges and universities are growing increasingly more expensive, and people need to enter fields which will help them pay off their debt. There aren’t a lot of high-paying jobs for philosophy majors.

Constantine Panagiotatos, however, doesn’t think it has to be a problem. During his studies at the University of Pittsburgh, he spent a lot of time studying philosophy. It wasn’t his primary focus, but Constantine Panagiotatos found that the study of philosophy helped him in his personal life and in his professional life. Studying philosophy builds skills that are important.

When he read different philosophers, Constantine Panagiotatos learned about a variety of perspectives on life, and other topics that helped him in his personal life and in his profession. For Constantine Panagiotatos, his study of philosophy helps him when he needs to approach public relations issues from different angles. Constantine Panagiotatos spent years reading about people taking varied approaches to ethics, morality, and other topics, and this helps him to take creative, out-of-the-box approaches to his professional problems.

Constantine Panagiotatos thinks that there should be at least some mandatory philosophy teaching for kids in high school or in college. This can help open their minds up to perspectives they would otherwise never experience. Constantine Panagiotatos believes that the more people learn, the better prepared they are to work in a world that is becoming more interconnected globally. According to Constantine Panagiotatos, studying philosophy can help people learn to consider the perspectives of other people, instead of dismissing them because they seem different than their own perspectives.

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