Constantine Panagiotatos: Publicity, Content Production and Branding

One of the abilities that has always come naturally to Constantine Panagiotatos is his ability to write. He can remember being very young and wanting to write stories, letters, and anything else  he could think of. As he got older and went through school, he excelled in his writing ability. English was always a class he looked forward to as he went through school.

When he went off to college, Constantine Panagiotatos studied a great deal of philosophy. This meant a spending a lot of time writing about philosophy as well. He enjoyed the challenge of his assignments and found that writing about philosophy improved his writing in ways that his older classes never did. Studying a variety of different philosophers exposed him to many writing styles he had previously been unfamiliar with.

Constantine Panagiotatos kept up his interest in writing and he’s very happy he did. Now that he’s working in media relations, often as a publicist, he relies on his creativity and his ability to write more than ever. Constantine Panagiotatos can whip up an effective and professional press release in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, his writing ability allows him to explain exactly what his clients need in a clear way. This helps Constantine Panagiotatos build trust and friendship with his clients, especially when he works with them virtually or through the internet. In terms of writing professionally, Constantine Panagiotatos has been able to use his skills; in 2011 he created original advertising copy for the website of esteemed digital advertising agency Psyop, Inc. under heavy deadline, and delivered a revamped voice as well. He builds brands and clients through unique content creation and media relations strategy, and creates copy for by-lines, ads, press releases, pitches, quotes and public appearances.

Writing has helped Constantine Panagiotatos build his career immensely. When he first started in media, he often had to write a variety of advertisements and public relations materials as part of larger campaigns. His success with those early writings helped to propel him into more independent work, and now Constantine Panagiotatos has his own client base. These clients know they’re paying for someone who can get the job done and can turn any copy into an effective piece of media relations.

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