Constantine Panagiotatos: Publicity, Content Production and Branding

In every field a person could possibly work in, Constantine Panagiotatos has found that certain traits are more important than others. A doctor doesn’t need to be incredibly strong to do his work, but he does need to have a certain level of charisma and intelligence to help his clients. Construction workers need to pay attention to detail and often need a certain level of strength to get their work done every day. One of the most important traits Constantine Panagiotatos relies on, in order to work effectively, is creativity.

Some people are blessed with creativity from an early age. Their minds go a mile a minute and they can think of stories, objects, inventions, and other things very easily. Constantine Panagiotatos wouldn’t call himself a creative genius, but he can be very creative when it comes to public and media relations.

Constantine Panagiotatos grew up in Westchester County, in New York, and is still an active member at his family church in Rye. He attended Prep school in New England and college in Pennsylvania, though now he lives and works in New York City, as one of the most creative and conceptual brand builders in public relations. Constantine Panagiotatos loves to participate at events at the Onassis Cultural Center and frequents many downtown cafes as well as art galleries. Constantine Panagiotatos loves live music and frequently attends shows. All these things only build on his inherent creativity and ability.

When working for clients, creativity is incredibly important to helping them reach their media relations goals. If a client wants to build their brand or needs to push a new product so that it gets more exposure, a creative campaign can do wonders for them. That’s where Constantine Panagiotatos comes in. With the spread of the internet and social media networks, creative ads or campaigns have become even more powerful tools for publicists and public relations professionals like Constantine Panagiotatos. He relies on clever thinking to create campaigns that will attract public attention. Once that happens, the internet takes over. It can spread a message farther than any print advertisement can.

That’s not to say that what Constantine Panagiotatos does is easy. Not everyone has the creativity to think of things that a majority of people will find interesting. Otherwise, his field would be a rather crowded one. Constantine Panagiotatos works hard every day to get the best results for his clients.

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