Constantine Panagiotatos: Publicity, Content Production and Branding

Everyone wants to find their passion in life. Unfortunately, many people around the world never get the opportunity to find that one thing they want to do every day. The luckiest people find their passion and turn it into a career. They make money by doing what makes them happy and there isn’t much more a person can ask for in a professional career.

For Constantine Panagiotatos, one of his passions is creatively working to help companies market themselves and improve their business. Part of the reason Constantine Panagiotatos loves doing this work is because he often is helping business owners to build their own dreams. There isn’t a better feeling than knowing you’ve helped someone reach their dreams and goals, while also doing something you love. Constantine Panagiotatos believes the brands to watch in the coming years are Brooks Brothers, J Crew, Bonobos and Vinyard Vines. Constantine Panagiotatos believes these brands have smart media and investor relations strategies that will see them dominate within niche and mass markets, in the coming years.

Constantine Panagiotatos studied philosophy at University (and still does recreationally). One of the common messages from many philosophers is that doing things for others gives you the greatest happiness in life. For Constantine Panagiotatos, helping his clients market themselves, improve their branding, and ultimately succeed in highly competitive fields is rewarding.

Constantine Panagiotatos relies on a lot of tools and media to help his clients. Constantine Panagiotatos has placed clients on FOX News channel and The Late Show with David Letterman, and secured coverage in ESPN The Magazine, ADWEEK, Maxim, GQ, New York Magazine, Huffington Post and other outlets. In recent years, the internet has become a vital part of any public relations or media campaign for his clients. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, Constantine Panagiotatos can reach millions of people for free with the right strategy. If he needs to, buying ads and promoting tweets is a great way to start reworking a client’s public reputation or to help them launch a new product.

Constantine Panagiotatos plans to continue working in his field for the rest of his life. He enjoys the fact that every year he learns new skills that help him perform his work better and more effectively. He’ll never get tired of helping his clients improve their businesses.

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